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Specs: Lightweight (24.25lbs) Inverter Technology 30% @ 90A Duty Cycle Spot Timer Spool Gun Ready Lift Start TIG 12.5 ft. Electrode Cable/Clamp 10 ft. Removable MIG Gun 10 ft. Ground Cable/Clamp Dual Gauge Regulator 10 ft. Shielding Gas Hose Additional contact tips (.030”) Flux Core Nozzle | MIG Nozzle Tweco© Style Contact Tips and Nozzles 10-25 Style Twist Lock Cable Connections Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters Optional Spool Gun and Optional TIG Torch
Description: MP140T - Powerful, Versatile, Inverter Powered Multi-process MIG, STICK and TIG Welder Smooth , Consistent DC Inverter Weld Arc for Welding a Variety of Materials Including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum up to 3/16” Spot Timer for Consistent Spot Welds
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