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Warranty:3 Year
Input Power:120V, 230V
3 Year Warranty


    The Metal Man Inverter Powered TIG 201IDV AC/DC is a dual voltage, inverter powered AC and DC TIG, Pulse TIG, and DC Stick welder. This unit is intended to be used on a 50 amp 230V AC circuit or 120V, 20A AC circuit, without the use of an extension cord. This machine comes complete with a TIG Torch, Foot Pedal,
    regulator/flow gauge with an inert gas hose, the ground cable, and clamp, and Electrode Holder with cable.

    The TIG 201IDV AC/DC TIG is an ideal Stick and TIG welder for every shop. The DC stick mode allows you to stick weld when your application requires it. In the DC TIG mode, you are able to TIG weld metals such as steel and stainless steel. In the AC TIG mode, you are able to TIG weld non-ferrous metals such as Aluminum. This unit is equipped with advanced TIG capabilities including Pulse, AC Arc Frequency Control, AC Arc Balance Control, and Auto Balance/Frequency Control.

    • Welds up to 5/16” in a single pass
    • Use 120V or 230V input power
    • Advanced inverter technology for powerful DC arc performance, and lightweight (31 1/8 lbs)
    • Durable cast aluminum drive assembly
    • Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters
    • Dial Adjustable Voltage, Wire Feed Speed, Amperage Controls
    • Dial Adjustable Spot Timer Function
    • Easy twist-lock connections & polarity control on the front panel.
    • Add on Optional EZFSG for hard to feed MIG wires such as Aluminum
    • Add on Optional ACTT1 for scratch start DC TIG welding on steel and stainless steel
    • Tweco Style MIG Gun
    • Ground Cable & Clamp
    • Electrode Holder & Cable
    • Regulator & Gas Hose
    • 120V Adapter Cord
    • Drive Rolls to run .023 to .035 wires
    • 11-30 contact tips (3)
    • Instruction Manual

    Replacement Parts

    • ACTT1 – TIG Torch, 17V Style – 10 ft.
    • MMIGH1 – Replacement Gas Hose
    • MMIGR – Replacement Inert Gas Regulator
    • MMGC10-25-10FT – Replacement Ground Cable & Clamp