Your Brand MetalMan’s Expertise & Quality

Your Brand MetalMan’s Expertise & Quality

Develop branded welding products your customers will love through the Metal Man Private Label program.

Enhance your brand with custom, high quality welding products. Partner with Metal Man to develop, source, market and support a welding line for your brand.
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We Partner With You

Metal Man regularly works with retailers, safety brands, automotive after-market brands, power tool brands, and welding equipment providers to develop and sell custom-branded, high quality welding gear and accessories.

Using our proven, step-by-step process, we will partner with you to create exactly the kind of welders, welding helmets, welding accessories, cabinets, and carts your customers demand.

Our Collaborative Process


    Our product and welding market experts help you determine what products your customers want from you and the right pricing strategy.


    We help you design the product and packaging so it reflects your brand.


    We walk you through the product development process, using our manufacturing partners who are top in the industry.


    We work with your sales staff, training them to understand the product so they can sell with confidence.


    We take care of your customers. We create easy to understand support manuals and manage a toll-free help number. Our award winning customer service is known among the welding community.


    We stand behind our product. Our warranty support team takes care of any problems your customers may have. We offer product liability protection for you and your customers.

When you partner with Metal Man, you’re getting a true partner. A partner who understands that your brand reputation is on the line with every product you develop. A partner as committed as you are to high quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

What Our Customers Say

Contact Metal Man today to see how we can help you create or grow your welding program
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You need an experienced partner who knows your customers

We’ve been doing this for more than 15 years. Our innovative product design team is built of welding industry experts. Metal Man’s extensive industry experience will help you avoid common problems from the development and design to the deployment and delivery of your product.

Your products should enhance
your brand

Not every company should offer welding. Don’t dilute your brand with irrelevant products. In our discovery process, we’ll help you decide what makes sense for your brand and customer base. If the welding market isn’t a good fit for your brand, we’ll tell you right away.

Your products should be unique and clearly yours

Some manufacturers just put a logo sticker on a cookie-cutter product and call it “private label.” We believe that does a huge disservice to your brand and to your customers. You’ve developed a specific look and feel to your products that your customers have come to expect. We make sure that the design of your product fits the overall look of your brand so that it’s recognized as part of your family of products. Our goal is to differentiate and give our customers exclusive designs and features.

Your customers expect high quality products that last

We stand behind all the products we create. Our manufacturing partners are tech leaders. If problems arise, you can count on us to service and support your product quickly. Our warranty support team and customer call center will keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your brand.

metal man welding

You need a flexible and valuable partner you can trust.

Managing direct imports and factory relationships takes time and experience. We’ve nurtured strong relationships and vetted top of the line manufacturers and factories. We work with you to navigate the intricacies of private labeling, providing you with supply chain flexibility, exclusivity, and manageable minimum order quantities. Your trust is of utmost importance to us—we always work with integrity.

What Our Customers Say

Contact Metal Man today to develop a welding product that fits your brand
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Metal Man Products + Your Brand = Success

metal man welding

From concept to delivery, we will help you bring your product
to life!

What items do you want to offer your customers? We custom design welders, welding helmets, welding accessories, welding carts, welding cabinets and more. We will work with you to discover how to build out your welding line. Our designers will work with you to develop individualized accessories and one-of-a-kind features for your products. Your customer will be proud to use your product!

Auto-Darkening Helmets are a great example of what we can do for you. Metal Man is known for our innovative and artistic welding helmet designs. Let us put our expertise to work for you. From the overall shape to deep, custom graphics, we will work with you to make a welding helmet that is uniquely yours.

  • You Can Customize:

    • Shell design and shape
    • Custom graphics
    • Custom paint colors
    • Integrated logo designs
    • Viewing area size
    • Lens
    • Headgear
    • Price point
  • Metal Man Private Brand Services Include:

    • Product sourcing
    • Product design
    • Product packaging
    • Product support materials
    • Dedicated customer service toll free help line
    • Customized warranty repair coordination
    • Innovative accessories
    • Third party approvals such as ANSI, CSA, & UL
    • On-Product warning and safety decals
  • Metal Man Customer Service is Known For:

    • Pre-sale and post-sale customer service
    • Dedicated toll free customer help line
    • Warranty and repair coordination
    • Product support and sales materials
  • Metal Man Private Brand Services Include:

    • Extensive welding industry experience
    • Innovative product design
    • Customizable products and services
    • Factory partners that lead the industry
    • Supply chain flexibility
    • World class, award winning customer support

What Our Customers Say

Work with top manufacturers in the industry to enhance your brand. Metal Man will make it happen
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