• Techniweld USA Announces Acquisition of Metal Man Work Gear

    Techniweld USA has acquired Wisconsin-based Metal Man Work Gear, the nation’s primary private labeler of welding machines, vivid welding helmets, welding carts, and cabinets for distributors. Metal Man is known as the leader of the “24-hour Repair or Replace Welder Warranty,” providing distributors a truly “sell-and-forget” platform of ultra-high quality welding machines. The combination of each organization’s strengths and resources...
  • How to choose the perfect welding helmet for your needs

    Welding Helmets
    You can select nearly every aspect of your welding helmet to get a helmet that’s just right for you—whether that's the size of the lens, to the color and design of the helmet. That wasn't always the case, however — unless you wanted to drop some serious cash on the helmet. For a long time, every welder used practically the...
  • Can I Run My Welder on Household Power?

    Household Power
    Many welders available can run off standard 115V or 120V household power. But how do you know if your home’s wiring is capable of doing this safely? And can you still get the best quality welds?  Gone are the days of large tombstone welders that need special wiring to make quality welds. The key is making sure you have a...
  • How to Choose the Best Welder Cart

    Welder Cart
    Welding equipment is an investment that requires a good amount of gear that you’ll want to protect and use for years. We’re talking safety gear, welding consumables, shielding gases, wire, welding rods, welders’ pliers, magnetic squares, grinding tools...just to name a few.  The best way to protect all that gear and keep it handy when you need it is with...

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