Plasma Cutter PC45DV

Warranty:2 year
Input Power:120V, 230V
2 year Warranty


    The Metal Man PC 45DV is a Dual Voltage, DC Inverter Plasma Cutter. It uses new state of the art technology. The output can be adjusted from 15 to 45 Amps. This unit is designed to cut up to 11/16″ steel at a travel speed of 10 inches per minute when operating on 230V AC power. Use the included adapter cord to run this unit off 120V AC power for a cutting capacity on steel of up to 1/4” at a travel speed of 10 inches per minute. It cuts all electrically conductive materials. It cuts a narrow kerf that results in a smaller heat affected zone for reduced warping. The Metal Man PC 45DV is lightweight (22.58 lbs.), compact, inverter design for greater portability. It has a pilot arc for easy starts and enables the user to cut fence or expanded metal. This unit has a built-in air pressure adjustment and gauge, indicator lights for quick trouble shooting and thermal overload protection and now features a built-in water separator.


    Cuts all electrically conductive materials.

    Cuts a narrow kerf resulting in a small heat affected area for reduced warping

    Pilot arc feature for cutting expanded metal and fencing efficiently.

    Indicator lights for easy trouble shooting

    Built in water separator for increased consumable life

    Requires 4.5 CFM @60 PSI compressed air


    120 volt power adaptor

    10.5 ft removable plasma torch and cable

    10 ft ground clamp and cable

    Replacement Parts

    105400038 – Torch Cover

    105400039 – Nozzle

    105400040 – Diffuser

    105400041 – Electrode