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All of our Auto Darkening Helmets  are quality made with  ANSI and CSA Approval.
1.38 Tall Window
1.73 Tall Window
2.09 Tall Window
All of our helmets come with 5 point adjustable head gear, 9-13 variable shade, 3.5 light State, 1/25000 darkening speed, dial sensitivity/delay, din rating (I’ll check on this), magnifier Lens ready, toll free help line, parts/service decal.
Please select your preferred window size
Window Size - 1.38” Tall
Window Size - 1.73” Tall
Replaceable (two) lithium 1025, (most helmets at this price do not have this feature) extends the life of the lens 1.38” high viewing area Internal adjustments
Replaceable (2) AAA batteries 1.73” high viewing area Grind mode External shade and grind adjustments
Replaceable CR2450 battery 2.09” high viewing area External shade and grind adjustments
Window Size - 2.09” Tall