Works as good as the $90 hood.

Metal Man ADF110S 9-13 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

I bought this hood a few days ago and have it used it for about 4 hours. It works as good as helmets costing twice as much. The head straps are very comfortable and adjustments are easy. The hood stays up and you can adjust the tension for how hard it is to move up and down. The only difference between this hood and the ones costing $100 or more is this one takes two 1025 batteries to operate. No big deal. I picked up a spare set of batteries for a couple of dollars while I was at the mall. You get a replacement cover shield protector for when the first gets scratched up. And they give you part numbers for ordering any replacement parts you might need so you don’t have to throw the hood away because one part breaks. I’m real happy with the unit. I just weld in my garage doing hobby projects and repairs so I can’t give you a professional opinion. But it works great for me at an affordable price.

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