Metal Man ARF8600SGC


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View:3.86 x 1.73
Warranty:90 day for recondition
Sensivity:Dial Adjustable
Delay:Dial Adjustable
90 day for recondition Warranty
  • View 3.86 x 1.73
  • Sensors 2


The Metal Man ARF8600SGC 9-13 Variable Shade Auto-Darkening welding helmet plus Grind Mode features a light weight/comfortable design with the graphics to show your style. It features 2 arc sensors and a 3.86” x 1.73” viewing area. Adjust your shade control from 9 to 13. Made to fit right, the 5-point adjustable headgear allows you to make it fit your way. With ANSI and CSA approval, the Metal Man ARF8600SGC Auto-Darkening helmet is safe, functional, and attractive to users.

  • 5 Point Adjustable Headgear for a comfortable fit
  • 2 Arc Sensors
  • 3.86″ X 1.73″ Viewing Area
  • Solar Powered