Large Cylinder Cart

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Storage:Covered Storage
Warranty:90 days
Max Cylinder:10-3/4 in. Dia.
90 days Warranty


    The Metal Man CCLG large cylinder cart is easy to assemble, and holds 11″ acetylene and 10″ oxygen cylinders. This unit comes in two subassemblies for easy boxed shipping and is quickly assembled with 4 nuts and bolts, one axle with two washers, and two cotter pins. This cart features bullhorn type handles and large 10″ wheels that make it easy to maneuver. The handy storage box has a cover to keep all your tools and supplies out of the weather.

    • 13-3/4” x 5” x 3” Covered Storage Tray
    • Holds Up To 10″ Diameter Oxygen Cylinder
    • Holds Up To 11″ Diameter Acetylene Cylinder
    • Two Subassemblies for easy assembly
    • 10 inch diameter Wheels
    • Hose Hanger
    • Powder coat Finish
    • Instruction Manual
    • Hardware package