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At Metal Man Gear Co., our mission is to provide customers with products that are unique, have exceptional value, easy to use functions (functionality) and appealing style. We provide product support before and after the sale through our toll free help where we answer product questions, provide parts and warranty support.
Metal Man Values Metal Man is a company driven by creative, profitable growth and seeks to provide knowledgeable customer service before, during and after the sale. • Work hard to accomplish your tasks, work is called work because it is. • Work smart to do your work in a way that doesn't waste time, energy or money. • Work creatively so you can become an innovator. • Work with excellence in mind, if we can't provide it internally find someone outside who can. • Work in a way to understand your strengths, passions, and limits so you can achieve greater fulfillment on the job. • Work Safe, injuries not only hurt you but the team as well. • Honor and respect each other on the team, we all need each other to accomplish more than we can on our own. • Use words that build people up and encourage them. Be full of compliments and gratitude. Say thank you often. • Help others when they need it to accomplish difficult tasks, share your knowledge and experience with them. • Be honest and upfront with mistakes, keep them to a minimum and get them rectified quickly. • Be accurate, get the numbers right (costs, volumes, lead times, profit margins) when making business decisions. • Be trustworthy, be the person other people, our team, customers and suppliers go to because they trust us in character and to get things done right and on time.