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Specs: Viewing Area 3.78 in. x 2.09 in Variable Shade Control 9 to 13 4 Arc Sensors Grind Mode Auto On/Off Dial Adjustable Sensitivity and Delay Switching Time 1/25,000 second 3.5 shade light state Solar Power Supply with replaceable CR2450 batteries Low Amp to 5 Amp UV/IR Protection to Shade 16 ANSI and CSA Approval 5 Point Adjustment Head Gear DIN Optics Rating 1/2/1/2 Magnifier (Cheater) lens compatible
Description: This Metal Man helmet is an upgrade from the Original Techno Skull. The ATECB8735SGC features the same great looking graphics with upgraded lens features. This solar powered helmet uses CR2450 replacement batteries. It features 4 arc sensors and an increased viewing area of 3.78 in. x 2.05 in. Adjust your shade control from 9 to 13 or put it in Grind mode to prevent darkening while grinding. Made to fit right, the 5 point adjustable head gear allows you to make it fit your way. With ANSI and CSA approval, the Metal Man ATECB8735SGC Auto-Darkening helmet is safe, functional and attractive to users. 2 year limited warranty.
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ATECB8735SGC - Variable Shade Weld Helmet
Is it better to have 2 arc sensors or 4 arc sensors? Answer: It is very important that at least one of the arc sensors gets a clear view when the arc starts. Many helmets have two arc sensors. If one is blocked by the part you are welding, or any other obstruction, the other arc sensor is available to sense the arc. Some helmets have 4 arc sensors. Users that need to get into tight spaces often prefer 4 sensors. Question: Does the helmet run off solar power or from the replaceable battery? Answer: The helmet uses both battery power and solar power. The battery power could be compared to a battery and starter for a car engine. Like the starter in a car, the helmet battery helps get everything up and running. The helmet then operates off the arc rays. Question: Does the helmet have a power on and off button? Answer: The helmet is auto on and auto off. Question: When buying this helmet, what else do I need to operate it? Answer: This welding helmet comes all set up to operate. The package includes the replaceable battery and also an extra outside cover lens. The cover lens is considered a consumable. It protects the electronic lens from molten metal and sparks. Over time, the lens will become pitted and your vision will be affected. If you do a considerable amount of welding, you may want to purchase the cover lens kit for replacements. Question: This helmet has adjustable shade control. How do I know which setting to use? Answer: We recommend you review the shade setting recommendations in the operator’s manual. These recommendations are determined by the welding process and amperage. Care should be taken to use a shade that is dark enough that you feel comfortable while welding and can still see what you are welding. We offer helmets with a wide shade range to help meet the needs of each individual user. OSHA does have recommendations for shade setting depending on the welding process and the welding amperage and we encourage you to visit www.osha.gov. Question: How do I determine what size viewing area is right for me? Answer: While welding, the operator needs only a small viewing area. However, larger viewing areas are helpful for set- up and positioning. A larger viewing area also helps when the operator may not be able to view the arc straight on. If you have bi-focal glasses, you will also appreciate the extra viewing area. The other factor is cost. The price of auto- darkening helmets is mainly determined by the size of the viewing area. Question: What do the sensitivity and delay adjustments do? Answer: These adjustments allow you to somewhat customize how your lens reacts. Sensitivity control allows you to adjust how much light is needed to darken the lens. You can adjust your helmet to control how the lens reacts to different ambient light sources. The delay adjustment controls how quickly the lens goes back to the light state after the arc is out. High amperage welds still reflect dangerous rays after the arc has stopped. Increase the delay to keep the lens darker longer. Question: Why does the low amp TIG rating of a helmet matter? Answer: The unique nature of low amperage TIG welding requires a higher quality lens that can better react to the lower amperages. Question: Does this helmet accept cheater lenses? Answer: Yes, any of the standard 2” x 4.25” cheater lens on the market will work. They are available in 1.0 to 2.75 diopter. See the support page to order. Question: Can your helmet adapt to a hard hat? Answer: Yes, see the parts page in the manual. See the support page to order. Question: Can I get replacement parts? Answer: Yes, we do have all replacement parts. Check the parts label on the inside of the helmet for part numbers. You can visit our parts page on our website. Question: What do I do if I need help? Answer: We are available to answer any of your questions. Please call us at 888-762-4045. Our hours are 8 to 5 CT, Monday through Friday. Or email us at shop@metalmangear.com.
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